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Dungeons of Hinterberg – Announcement Trailer

Dungeons of Hinterberg – Announcement Trailer
Curve Games

Original Music: Samuel Ferrari
Music Production, Synth Programming, and Orchestration: Samuel Ferrari
Cello: Rafael Cesario
Cello Recording: Otávio Bonazzi at Dissenso Studio
Mix: Clóvis Vilela, Samuel Ferrari
Master: Maurício Gargel
SFX and Trailer Mix: Glauber Coelho
Produced at mdois Studios

Animation: Histeria Studio

Convergence – Tempo & Espaço

Convergence – Tempo & Espaço
Riot Games

Music Supervision: Riot Games
Music Production and Musical Director: Samuel Ferrari
Artists: Criolo & MC Tha
Song Written & Produced by: NAWAS & YACHT MONEY
Brazilian Portuguese Lyrics: Danilo Battistini, Glauber Coelho, Rodrigo Tuchê, Vitória Rezende Lopes and Samuel Ferrari
Vocal Production: Samuel Ferrari, Clóvis Vilela and Glauber Coelho
Criolo Voice Recording: Otávio Bonazzi at Dissenso Studio
MC Tha Voice Recording: Paulinho Rocha at A Lagoa Grande Studios
Mix: Maurício Cersosimo
Master: Maurício Gargel
Brazilian Portuguese version produced at mdois Studios

Animation: Histeria Studio

League of Legends – CBLOL 2023 Opening Ceremony

League of Legends – CBLOL 2023 Opening Ceremony
Riot Games

CBLOL 2023 – Opening Ceremony
Musical Direction: Riot Games, Samuel Ferrari
Artists: Marcelo D2, Yung Buda
Original Music: Samuel Ferrari, Clovis Vilela, Marcelo D2, Yung Buda
Music Production: Samuel Ferrari
Synths, Music Programming & Beats: Samuel Ferrari, Clóvis Vilela
Special Percussion Akali: Clovis Vilela
Electric Guitars: Tiago Jardim, Samuel Ferrari
Ethnic Flutes: Teco Cardoso
Choir: Lara Scaglione, Yasmin Galasso, Sarah Cabrera, Marcela Vetillo, Igor Correa, Marina Martins, Vilson Laerte, Glauber Coelho, Gabriel Freire, Daniel Gouw, Rodrigo Pires, Samuel Ferrari, Gabriel Turco, Daniel Araújo, Clovis Vilela.
Scratches: DJ RTA
Erhu: Alfredo Rezende
Yangqin: Nelson Lin
Mixing Engineers: João Milliet, Samuel Ferrari, Clóvis Vilela
Mastering: Maurício Gargel
Sound Design: Glauber Coelho
Production Coordinator: Samuel Ferrari, Glauber Coelho
Production Assistants: Tiago Jardim, Gabriel Turco
Scores & Transcriptions: Pedro Lago
Audio Engineer Broadcast: Clement Zular
Audio Post Production House: mdois Studios (

Live Musicians
Koto: Luu Miuky
Shamisen: Yuzo Akahori
Fue and Shakuhachi: Saemis
Yangqin: Nelson Lin
Electric Bass: Kiko Woiski
Electric Guitar: Ed Woiski

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