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Free Fire – World Series 2021

Animation Studio: The Line
Sound Design: Glauber Coelho
Original Music: Samuel Ferrari, Clovis Vilela
Audio Post Production House: mdois

Free Fire – Reckoning

Animation Studio: Vetor Zero
Performer: Krigarè
Music by: Krigarè, Felipe Junqueira, Samuel Ferrari
Music Production by: Felipe Junqueira, Samuel Ferrari
Mixing by: Satoshi Nogushi
Mastering by: Mauricio Gargel
Sound Design: Danilo Battistini, Glauber Coelho
Audio Post Production House: mdois

Free Fire – FFCS 2020

Animation Studio: Histeria
Sound Design: Danilo Battistini, Glauber Coelho, Samuel Ferrari
Original Music: Samuel Ferrari
Audio Post Production House: mdois

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