About mdois

mdois is an audio production company founded in 2013, based in São Paulo, Brazil. We specialize in crafting music and SFX for a wide range of creative projects, including feature films, TV series, AAA and indie games, promotional content, and international events across Brazil, Asia, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

We believe that sound is a powerful medium that can transform narratives into immersive and impactful experiences, whether for interactive or linear media. Our expertise spans a diverse spectrum of musical styles, from grand orchestral compositions and modern pop music production to interactive electronic soundscapes, allowing us to provide bespoke solutions for every requirement.

In the realm of live events, mdois has had the privilege of contributing to numerous special occasions in Brazil and beyond. We've lent our sonic expertise to global events such as MSI 2017 in Rio, MSI 2019 in Korea, various Free Fire World Series finals worldwide, LCS (US) League of Legends events, and content creation for Valorant championships in the Middle East.

In addition to our original sonic creations, we have had the pleasure of collaborating with an impressive array of artists, bridging the gap between musicians and game companies. Some of the notable artists we've worked with include Alok, Daniela Mercury, Emicida, Criolo, Marcelo D2, Mano Brown, Vintage Culture, BNegão, Ego Kil Talent, Andreas Kisser, Rob Damiani (Don Broco), Mc Jotta Pe, Carol Konká, Alírio Netto, Carol & Vitória, Far From Alaska, Pedro Qualy, Choice, Tássia Reis, Mc Tha, Jorn Lande & PentaKill, Felguk, and Luedji Luna. Through these collaborations, we have played a pivotal role in creating music content that resonates with the gaming community.



Highlights of our work include:

• League of Legends MSI 2017 & 2019
• League of Legends LCS 2022
• Valorant Global Videos
• League of Legends CBLOL Music Theme and Opening Ceremonies since 2014
• Free Fire FFWS
• Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Theme Music for Brazil, Mexico, South America, and Elite Six Championship
• Original Character Theme Music for League of Legends' Velkoz
• Riot Forge campaigns like Convergence, Bandle Tale and The Mageseeker Launch Trailer
• Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six - Six Invitational 2024 World Championship Theme Music and Live Show




Contact Info

Rua Topázio, 959 / Vila Mariana, São Paulo, Brasil
+ 55 11 96081 3638